Go Modular Homes - Our Step-by-Step Guide Book
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Important Information - The Go Modular System Book: Our Step By Step Guide Book

Introducing The Go Modular System

Go Modular HomesFor years, customers have begged us to put our knowledge about the process of building a modular home down in writing in order that they could participate better, be better informed and most importantly, know what is coming up next. After years of experience, GO MODULAR INC. has developed the GO MODULAR SYSTEM, which is a system to assist you in understanding the building process and how you will be involved in building your new home.

Starting in 2005, once you have signed a purchase and sales agreement with GO Modular, you will receive the GO MODULAR SYSTEM binder. This binder will have lots of valuable information, checklists and handouts that correspond to the meetings that you will have with your designer. Through this well developed series of meetings, handouts and checklists, you will be able to educate yourself about the entire modular building process with Go Modular.

The GO MODULAR SYSTEM is a unique and innovative approach that creates a partnership between the homeowner and the custom builder. Our role in this "partnership" is to provide you with information. Your role in this "partnership" is to actively read and understand the information and provide the information necessary for the

Our goal with THE GO MODULAR SYSTEM "partnership" is to transfer the valuable knowledge and experience we have gained by building close to one thousand homes in several towns and states. We try to give you the most realistic picture of what is to come. This is what people want- REALISTIC EXPECTATIONS. By having more knowledge about the building process, you should feel more organized, prepared, and empowered.