Good Morning:

This is just a note to express our thanks for all of your assistance and professionalism in helping us build our new home. Building a house can be a very stressful project but with your help and expertise, it has alleviated much of the anxiety. We are presently in the process of the interior / exterior button up work and are finding that everyone involved is very helpful, friendly and accommodating.

We would like to personally thank your professional staff starting with Ed Dittmar who helped us design our beautiful new home, and now we are in the process of watching it all come to fruition. Ed had tremendous insight as to the design of both the outside structure of the house and the interior design. He provided us with many great ideas, and his assistance was greatly appreciated. Many times, we would call him with questions or concerns, and Ed was always there to give us answers and try to help in any way.

When the house was delivered, we had the pleasure of working with Jerry who supervised the craning of the house. Jerry was very accommodating, conscientious and always willing to help in any way. Whenever we had, or still have a question, we just pick up the phone, and he is available to speak with us. Jerry has personality plus!

Also our thanks to the Go Modular crew of Tim, Rodney, Ray, Tony and everyone else now involved with the interior / exterior button up of our new home. They are all doing an excellent job in completing our home! We would also like to thank your office staff in North Dartmouth, Toni and Sharon.

Our experience thus far has been a very positive one, and we are confident that when the project is complete, we will be extremely satisfied and would not hesitate to recommend all of you at Go Modular.

David & Ann Galuszka


Better Business Bureau (BBB)
235 West Central Street
Nataick, MA 01760-3767

To Whom it May Concern,

This letter to the BBB is not one of complaint but one of praise. I would hope that this letter would be added to the company´s files for others interested in the services provided by these companies.
I had purchased mid year 2000, a modular Cape style home from:
Superior Builders P.O. Box 344, 1566 Rt. 442 East
Muncy, PA 17756
(570) 546-2264, Fax (570 546-2266

After living in my new home for about a year's time, I notified the company of several anomalies and the need for follow-up correction action. Specifically, all the interior door metal handles were losing their finish and all the exterior brass lighting fixtures were corroding. The above company quickly mailed replacement interior door handle fixtures for all interior doors with upgraded Yale brand fixtures at no cost to the undersigned.

As for the exterior lighting fixture problem, the above company noted they did not have any upgraded fixtures for replacement. They noted that the undersigned lived by the sea coastline and therefore the brass fixtures could easily corrode. The undersigned has resolved this issue with the modular home dealer by receiving a check as a credit towards the purchase of replacement fixtures. Two defective windows were also noted to the dealer requiring replacement and corrective action. The dealer installed replacement windows at no cost to the undersigned.
The modular home dealer is:
Go Modular with Help-U-Build
1125 State Road (Rtc. 6)
Westport, MA 02790
800-232-8226, Fax (508) 636-7725

The undersigned is most appreciative of the above company's professionalism, provision of timely support services and replacement products. These companies stand behind their product warranties and ensure their customers satisfaction.

Albert Gauthier


Thank you so much Tim.

You were great through the whole process. We are definitely on board if you want to consider our home to be a model home for customers that want to see a visual. Jason and I thought the Ranch is perfect for our family. It´s a house that we can grow into and the open feel of it is wonderful. You are more than welcome to take better pictures if you want. We did enjoy the whole modular experience. Even though we hit every “unforeseen circumstance” as possible during construction you and especially Sharon made the process worth it. Jason and I thank you for everything.


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