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Go Modular assists potential home buyers by providing Go Modular construction consultation and architectural design services for your modular home. We also can help you in the construction of your new modular home.

Here are our very useful and helpful frequently asked questions. Please read them before coming to a consultation.

Here are the answers to your questions about our modular homes, plus some questions you probably haven't even thought of yet! Please read the following questions and answers thoroughly before coming to a private consultation so that any further questions will be better answered and more time can be spent on your design and your price during your consultation. To set up a private consultation please call 508-992-1655 or   401-333-3332. The categories below will help you find a specific answer faster, however, please note that there is quite a bit of overlap of the information, so please be sure to read all of the questions.

General Information Questions 1 - 15

Cost Questions 16 - 26

Construction Specification Questions 27 - 31

Customizing and Options Questions 32 - 34

Timing Questions 35 - 38

Financing Questions 39 - 40

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