Modular Homes With Structural Insulated Panels

Net Zero Ready Modulars with Structural Insulated Panels

Find out what Structural Insulated Panels are all about - visit the SIPA Website

We are the only modular home builder able to offer modular homes built using SIP (Structural Insulated Panels). SIP is a cutting edge technology that offers the highest possible energy efficiency in a home.

Imagine your monthly heating and cooling bill being equivalent to the cost of dinner for two!

​One of our modular SIP customers has approximately a $50 a month average heating and cooling bill for a 2,800 sq ft home, without solar panels.

For the best of both worlds - GO MODULAR SIP

  • SIP walls with polyurethane (PUR) are 210% more energy efficient than 2x6 (R19) walls
  • SIPs with polyurethane (PUR) = R 40 versus  2x6 walls = R 19
  • SIP walls and roofs reduce air infiltration - air infiltration contributes to 40% of energy loss in a home
  • SIPs give a 15 times more air tight home over a conventional built home

A 6" Polyurethane panel is strong enough to hold a 2 ton car
A conventional 2x6 framed wall would collapse


34" of Common Brick = 1" of (PUR) Polyurethane

34" of Common Brick = 1" of (PUR) Polyurethane
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